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All ingredients are freshly prepared, homemade dough & tomato sauce

The oven is made from 'tufae brick'. the oven produces heat to 500c which is achieved after 2 hours of burning seasoned wood. the slow levitation and blast cooking process lock in the flour natural aroma and moisture giving a soft easily digestible crust.

your pizza

The homemade dough is flatten and shaped by hand to 14 inches diameter. the homemade tomato sauce is spread over, except for the edges for the crust, the fresh ingredients are lovingly placed on top. the prepared pizza  is then placed inside the oven, turning at intervals to insure the  edge, base and top are cooked. enjoy!


The Pizza Barn will be open to the main garden. customers will be able to access the pizza barn, there will be additiona; seating. customers will also be able to view your pizza oven




Seasoned wood is used to get temperatures up tp 500 degrees, it is essential that the temperature of the base is over 350 degrees in order that the base of pizza becomes crispy. The air temperature within the oven needs to be over 300 degrees to cook the ingredients.

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